Our Services

Hypnosis: Each session is recorded offering you an affordable way to achieve the desired results that repetition brings without the cost of more intensive programs. Each client is assessed for their suitability. Hypnosis for the right client group is one of the most effective ways to exact change. If we agree to proceed after the consultation, a personal program will be designed to meet your needs.

  • • stop smoking
  • • lose weight
  • • relieve stress
  • • improve memory
  • • learn faster
  • • control pain
  • • increase creativity
  • • communicate more effectively
  • • improve relationships
  • • relieve stress
  • • habit control

Personal coaching for Life change, Career Crossroads, Balance in Business or the Business of Life, Values Elicitation.: Many people require the perspective of a trained professional to assess their strengths and apply them effectively, as well as identify 3rd options when seeking creative ways to diminish sabotaging behaviours. When you need strong unbiased evaluation skills working to your advantage, call Lianne.

Life Skills Coaching: time management, assertiveness, conflict resolution, creativity work, perfectionism, interpersonal communication, stress management, etc.

Group Facilitation: Lianne is an experienced facilitator of group. Have her run one of your groups or one of these: Dream Weavers (a supportive environment to examine the significance your dreams may have as a guiding force in your life; Women’s Work (an exploration of the various roles we assume as we seek balance in our lives).

Training, Seminars and Workshops Lianne is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) specializing in Communication and Leadership. Need a dynamic presenter or do you need dynamic presentation skills? Wish you could say what you mean with clarity and finesse? Wish you could speak off the cuff? If you want to speak confidently on any subject and gain the confidence of those around you, stop wishing and call Lianne.

Soul Work and Artful Therapy; Lianne brings the worlds of art and psychology together to enhance the creative genius that lies within each of us. Our right brain holds the key to the “big picture” allowing us to gain the perspective needed in problem solving. Expect a lift in self esteem and self expression.

Keynote Speeches: Spinning the World Until You Like the View, and How I Became the Recycling Queen (also available in workshops) Lianne is committed to delivering Passion, Joy, Creative Self-expression and Inspiration with a smile...

"first we form habits, then they form us" -Robert Hart
Our solution for you...

Lianne offers you a leap in your own creativity for your life and projects through:

  • motivational speeches
  • life coaching
  • workshop/seminar
  • hypno-therapy
  • Life Skills coaching
  • community service
  • green work & recycling
  • occupational art therapy
  • personal counseling
  • training & presentation
What Clients are Saying

" Lianne Snow's presentation was crafted with a degree of zest rarely found in such endeavours. She held excellent rapport within the diverse population of individuals while artistically addressing varying levels of comprehension. I would highly recommend Lianne for any future presentations."

Ms. Kayli Riann, BA, MEd
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Coordinator, HIAD

Featured Service: Hypnosis

Gaining insight into the unconscious mind's natural desire for your highest good allows you to take back control of your life and realize your full potential. Using hypnosis, new skills are installed directly into the unconscious mind to manifest as powerful new behaviors that feel normal and natural.

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  • stop smoking
  • lose weight
  • relieve stress
  • improve memory
  • learn faster
  • control pain
  • increase creativity
  • communicate more effectively
  • improve relationships