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Ever feel like there is a great symphony within you if you could just get your parts to play together? What if you could change your life so it felt effortless, richer and joyful? You can love your life at the speed of thought.
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About Lianne

Artist by nature, goldsmith by trade, and counsellor by vocation, I've always known I have a different "spin" on life. Art infuses everything I do and the way I see the world. When I learned how to teach others, it felt like a completion. Self Expression, Perspective, Inspiration and Now; These are my SPIN." Lianne is a motivational speaker, life coach and workshop/seminar leader. Years as a counsellor, hypno-therapist and Life Skills coach have been enriched by the constant flow of art so to be able to offer you a leap in your own creativity. President of Piece of Mind, creative counseling services and The Silver Branch Studio.

Lianne’s alter ego is The Recycling Queen. An active artist in her communities she is a specialist in “Up- Cycling” complete with show and tell road show featuring an evening gown made entirely of pop tabs. Her theatre background has led her to find her success in costume design. All are metaphors for the creative pulse that flows seamlessly through us all, connecting each of us. Lianne’s passion for creativity has led her to form The Idea Emporium, a place of creative solutions for humanity and the planet.

Personal motto: "What can I do with this?"

"first we form habits, then they form us" -Robert Hart
Our solution for you...

Lianne offers you a leap in your own creativity for your life and projects through:

  • motivational speeches
  • life coaching
  • workshop/seminar
  • hypno-therapy
  • Life Skills coaching
  • community service
  • green work & recycling
  • occupational art therapy
  • personal counseling
  • training & presentation
What Clients are Saying

" Lianne Snow's presentation was crafted with a degree of zest rarely found in such endeavours. She held excellent rapport within the diverse population of individuals while artistically addressing varying levels of comprehension. I would highly recommend Lianne for any future presentations."

Ms. Kayli Riann, BA, MEd
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Coordinator, HIAD

Featured Service: Hypnosis

Gaining insight into the unconscious mind's natural desire for your highest good allows you to take back control of your life and realize your full potential. Using hypnosis, new skills are installed directly into the unconscious mind to manifest as powerful new behaviors that feel normal and natural.

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  • stop smoking
  • lose weight
  • relieve stress
  • improve memory
  • learn faster
  • control pain
  • increase creativity
  • communicate more effectively
  • improve relationships